Premium-Quality Combi Steamers and Baking Technology

Company Overview

ELOMA GmbH is a leading manufacturer of combi steamers, baking ovens and convection ovens for professional use. The company’s “100 percent Made in Germany” philosophy
guarantees the highest quality in appliances and in all processes required in today’s kitchens. Since its founding in 1975, the company has continuously developed its expertise in cooking and baking and joined the Ali Group in 2007. ELOMA has a global reach of more than 65 countries. Customers range from five-star hotels and fine-dining restaurants to gas stations, trains, and care homes.

ELOMA offers a wide range of combi steamers, baking ovens and convection ovens (gas and electric) as well as a wide range of accessories such as condensation hoods, trays, grids, pans and banqueting systems. ELOMA products guarantee optimal results, high efficiency and sustainable operating costs. Customized solutions are available to meet the customer’s needs.

The compact JOKER fits into any kitchen concept. It stands out for its configurable modularity, unrivaled capacity, maximum flexibility and contemporary design. The GENIUSMT sets the standard for ease of use in automated cooking, baking and cleaning processes. MULTIMAX is simply uncomplicated, especially for the experienced chef looking for support in his craft. BACKMASTER is a compact unit focused on baking. It is ideal for gas stations, supermarkets and coffee shops.

ELOMA products are known for their user-friendly design and intuitive operation. This applies not only to JOKER, but also to the GENIUSMT and MULTIMAX product lines. ELOMA’s guiding principle is to design equipment that guarantees maximum operational efficiency. Together with engineers and craftsmen from the industry, ELOMA is constantly looking for future-proof solutions.

Product Information

  • Combi Steamers
  • Baking Ovens
  • Convection Ovens
  • Accessories
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