Our History

Crafting a success story, one step at a time.

image of Luciano Berti founder of Ali Group.


Laying the Foundation

In 1963, post-war Italy was flourishing economically, providing the perfect setting for the establishment of our first company, Comenda, a warewasher manufacturer.

This era of growth led to a surge in new restaurants, driving a demand for fast and efficient warewashing machines.

  • 1963: Comenda founded (Italy)


Ali Group Goes International

Comenda experiences immediate success and continuous growth, even through this challenging decade, with over 70 percent of its warewashers being sold internationally.

The year 1972 marked a significant milestone for Comenda with the launch of its Paris marketing headquarters and the introduction of the acronym ALI (Apparecchiature Lavaggio Industriale). This marked Ali’s initial stride towards globalization.

  • 1972: Ali opens Ali Comenda (France)
image of Comenda Paris ad.
image of Champion Industries factory in the 1980s.


Growth and Diversification

Continued growth characterizes this decade for Ali Group, with ongoing acquisitions of companies excelling in their specific sectors. By 1980, Ali expanded to the United States, acquiring Champion Industries, a renowned warewasher brand with a wide distribution network across the country. This marked Ali’s initial stride towards globalization.

Ali has expanded beyond its original focus on warewashing. In 1989, the company diversified by acquiring Carpigiani, a leading manufacturer of gelato and ice cream making machines, along with Lainox and Ambach, leading names in cooking equipment. The addition of Moyer-Diebel, a Canadian warewashing manufacturer, reinforces Ali’s leading position in the warewashing industry.

As the foodservice equipment market expands with evolving technology and increasing opportunities, distributors play a more crucial role. Ali Group collaborates closely with these distributors, offering an extensive array of products and services. This partnership significantly broadens Ali Group’s customer reach.

  • 1980: Acquisition of Champion (USA)
  • 1987: Acquisition of Lainox (Italy)
  • 1989: Acquisition of Ambach (Italy), Aurea (Italy), Carpigiani (Italy), Cattabriga (Italy), Moyer Diebel (Canada), Coldelite (USA)


New Frontiers, New Expansion Possibilities

The Nineties marked a period of further progress and diversification for Ali Group. The introduction of Alicontract, a new division offering global turnkey solutions, provided products, installation, and assistance. Additionally, the renowned cooking brand Mareno was incorporated into the Ali Group.

Through strategic acquisitions of companies like Burlodge and Stierlen, Ali diversifies into new areas such as food delivery services in hospitals, clinics, and airports. The creation of Hiber also presents intriguing new opportunities in the refrigeration industry.

The international growth of Ali Group continues, with the company expanding its operations to the Middle East and opening a sales office in Jordan.

  • 1990: Acquisition of Dawson (UK)
  • 1992: Formation of Coldelite Europe (Italy)
  • 1994: Formation of Alicontract (Italy)
  • 1995: Acquisition of Silko (Italy)
  • 1996: Acquisition of Catemar Iberica (Spain), Hoonved (Italy), Mareno (Italy), Mareno (UK), OEM (Italy), Ott Freezer (Switzerland)
  • 1997: Acquisition of Stierlen (Germany), formation of Ali Middle East (Jordan)
  • 1998: Acquisition of Burlodge (UK), Krefft (Germany), formation of Hiber (Italy)
  • 1999: Acquisition of GBG (Italy), Promag (Italy) and Sencotel (Spain)
image of Mareno factory.
image of Ali Group headquarters in Milan, Italy.


Entering a New Era: Ali Group’s Expansion into Bakery and Beyond

Since the turn of the millennium, Ali has strengthened its market position in North America and Europe by expanding into the refrigeration and cooking sectors and breaking into the bakery industry.

Key acquisitions, such as English-based AGA Foodservice Equipment (including Adamatic, Amana, Belshaw, Bongard, Falcon, Menumaster, Victory Refrigeration, Williams Refrigeration) with its global presence, and Hackman-Metos from Scandinavia, have been instrumental in the Group’s ongoing growth. The purchase of Moffat and Washtech further extends Ali’s reach into new markets like Australia and New Zealand.

By 2006, Ali Group made significant inroads into the Chinese market, establishing offices in Shanghai and bolstering operations through the manufacturing facilities of Carpigiani and Williams.

  • 2000: Acquisition of Friginox (France), Grandimpianti Laundry (Italy), Moffat (Australia and New Zealand), Rosinox (France), Washtech (New Zealand)
  • 2002: Acquisition of Aladdin Temp-Rite (USA and EU)
  • 2003: Acquisition of HC Duke & Son / Electro Freeze (USA)
  • 2004: Acquisition of Metos (Finland), Baron (Italy), DIHR (Italy), Friulinox (Italy), Kromo (Italy), Olis (Italy), and Polaris (Italy)
  • 2004: Formation of Ali Group China (China), acquisition of CMA (USA)
  • 2007: Acquisition of FIMI (Italy), Aga Foodservice Equipment (UK)
  • 2008: Acquisition of Beverage-Air (USA)
image of Rancilio Group headquarters in Italy.


New Segments, Unlimited Possibilities

  • 2010: Acquisition of Edlund (USA)
  • 2012: The Group ventures into a new market segment through the acquisition of Scotsman Industries (Scotsman Ice Systems and Ice-O-Matic), the largest ice machine manufacturer globally. This strategic move brings renewed energy to the Group and offers additional growth opportunities. (USA)
  • 2013: Adding to its array of business segments, Ali Group once again makes a significant move by acquiring the Rancilio Group (Egro, Promac, Rancilio), a distinguished leader in the production of professional espresso and fully automatic espresso machines. (Italy)
  • 2015: The Ali Group enhances its standing in the global market by bringing InterMetro Industries (Metro), a leading provider of storage and transport products for the foodservice, commercial, and healthcare industries, into its portfolio. (USA)


2020 Vision, Navigating the Path to Future Successes.

  • 2020: Ali Group expands its collection of warewashing brands with the acquisition of American Dish Service (ADS), a leader in commercial warewashing equipment manufacturing, based in Edwardsville, Kansas. (USA)
  • 2020: Acquisition of BGI continuous churning gelato machines (Italy)
  • 2021: Acquisition of KOLD-DRAFT International (USA)
  • 2022: The acquisition of the Montague Company marks an important strategic milestone for the Group and strengthens the company’s position as a global leader in the commercial foodservice equipment field. While the Ali Group has long been a strong competitor globally in this segment, Montague’s prominence in commercial cooking equipment adds a fresh dimension to the Group’s portfolio in North America. (USA)
  • 2022: Completing the acquisition of Welbilt marks a significant landmark in the history of the Ali Group and the foodservice industry, signaling the start of a new phase of growth. Enhanced by a larger scale, a more expansive global footprint, and a comprehensive, complementary portfolio of premier brands, the Group is ideally situated to pursue vast growth possibilities. This monumental acquisition further strengthens Ali Group’s robust global position, reinforcing our commitment to quality and innovation. (USA)
image of Welbilt corporate headquarters in New Port Richey, Florida.
image of Ali Group and Scotsman headquarters in Vernon Hills, Illinois.

The Future

Next Steps, New Challenges

The future years are poised to be a time of transformation in an increasingly diverse global market. Ali Group will meet these challenges by continuously seeking excellence, adhering to a philosophy of innovation, collaborating with local businesses, and stimulating the exchange of ideas to envision a company that always leads the market.

image of Welbilt equipment and food serving line.

We Are Globally Local

Ali Group is not just a global leader; we’re a tapestry of local companies working in tandem.

Our comprehensive portfolio serves a variety of sectors, from hotels and restaurants to schools and supermarkets, offering premier global selections powered by a heritage of more than a century. Our global leadership is reinforced by local partners who understand your specific needs.

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