IFRY: the evolution of frying

June 20, 2019
Innovative Products & Projects, Mareno

Mareno‘s new line of fryers combines user-friendly technology, high performance and connectivity.

New restaurant trends including more specialized menus and products and the growth of chains have driven Mareno to develop products capable of higher performance and more accurate cooking results.

This is why Mareno launched IFRY, the fryer designed to standardize cooking processes, boost productivity and improve food quality. It is equipped with innovative software that automates a number of operations and enables easy communication with the operator.
Each IFRY model has a highly intuitive 7-inch electronic Touchscreen display with a graphic interface that allows the operator to keep a constant eye on the temperature of the oil in the tank and the program settings, cook with a high level of accuracy (+/-1°C) and manage up to 30 programs or recipes.
Recipes, which can each have a photo of the cooked product linked to them, can also be exported via USB and transferred to other fryers.

In addition to managing cooking times and temperatures, the software also allows the operator to monitor the rise cycle of the oil temperature, which determines the quality of fried food.
Some models are also fitted with mechanical lifts, which enable the two baskets to be lifted when the set cooking time has been reached, ensuring the food won’t be over-cooked.
The software automatically regulates the cooking time depending on the type and quantity of food placed in the fryer, leading to higher quality fried food, extending the length of time the oil can be used and generating significant economic savings.
Additionally, the washing program enables the cooking tank to be cleaned more quickly and easily.

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