The prestigious Le Cordon Bleu chooses Mareno for its new cooking school in Shanghai

June 05, 2015
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Innovation, ergonomics and efficiency for chefs of the future

Le Cordon Bleu, the most famous cooking school in the world, inaugurated its first school in China, in Shanghai.
The school is an important part of the history of catering, hospitality and tourism, having trained 22,000 students over the last 120 years in 57 branches throughout the world.
For the kitchens at this school, where aspiring chefs get a real workout, Le Cordon Bleu chose Mareno, because their products are synonymous with innovation, reliability and high performance.

“Our school offers students the very best in high-performance innovative equipment”, affirms Li Xiao Hua, director of the school in Shanghai. Nuova Protagonista 70 represents the perfect synergy of ergonomics, ease of use and elegance. Mareno developed a custom solution for the school: blocks with one-piece hygienic 3mm tops, stainless steel flues and custom-designed doors for the base units.

Mareno kitchens more than filled the school’s requirement to find a versatile solution for the different needs of the demanding training program. Each kitchen block is designed so that students will always have what they need close to hand and be able to stretch themselves to the fullest in a comfortable and gratifying workplace. All of this with a sleek, contemporary design!

It is a fundamental part of the training program to allow students to test their abilities in a real kitchen. The Cordon Bleu training method is a blend of classroom lessons, demonstrations by internationally renowned chefs and practical experience. The objective is to prepare students for careers in the most important restaurants, hotels and structures in the world.

“Today we bring western culinary tradition to oriental cuisine. We do not want to impose a school of only French cuisine, we want to offer culinary arts from all countries in the world”, added André Cointreau, President and CEO of Le Cordon Bleu.

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