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February 23, 2022
Innovative Products & Projects, Grandimpianti

Providing the solutions to feeding the workers for one of Italy’s biggest companies in an architecturally unique building was a challenge Grandimpianti relished taking on, commercial director Alessandro D’Andrade tells

The collaboration between Grandimpianti and Generali on this project began in 2017, when Grandimpianti won the tender announced by Generali for the supply of equipment and furnishings for the food areas of the Zaha Hadid Architects designed Tower.
The Generali Tower is located in Milan’s new CityLife complex and consists of 44 floors, open spaces, an Energy Lab, a canteen/cafeteria, an auditorium, reconfigurable meeting room and parking areas. This means a total space of 80,000 sq m, of which 50,000 sq m are used as offices.

“CityLife (the builder of the tower on behalf of Generali Group) has chosen a reliable partner in Grandimpianti for this challenging project. The request was a full project including the design of technical spaces for catering and the supply of all the equipment to efficiently organize all the catering services. The service managers worked together with Grandimpianti by suggesting small adjustments based on their experience and requests,” says Marco Boldrini, Generali’s tower facility manager.

“The main challenge for the catering service has been to provide different offers with different levels of service according to user’s needs, creating functional areas in limited and irregular spaces created by the uniqueness of the tower’s architecture,” he continues.

The service offered by Grandimpianti provides “the highest level of competence and reliability” and “complete control over all aspects of the project.” D’Andrade explained how this was what Generali was looking for. “Grandimpianti has a technical structure able to follow and support the client on all the choices regarding the equipment and design of the whole project. Our presence in this project has been recognized as very useful in optimizing processes, solving the needs of the construction site and the construction management during the work.”

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