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August 08, 2019
Innovative Products & Projects, Williams

Williams presents its meat ageing unit

Williams has market-leading expertise in meat ageing equipment. For over a decade the company has been working with butchers, Michelin star chefs and casual dining operators who specialize in offering their customers dry aged beef. Led by their requirements and ideas, backed by its expertise, the Williams engineering team has developed a range of specialist equipment to store meat while it ages to get best yield, texture and flavour.

Williams’ Meat Ageing Refrigerator operates at the ideal temperature range of +1 to +6°C and provides humidity between 60-90%, ensuring that meat ages perfectly.
The inclusion of Himalayan salt blocks assists with moisture management and improves the flavour of the meat.

Stylish design is combined with a robust stainless steel construction. The meat ageing refrigerator is able to operate in environments of up to 43°C and the interior is brightly lit with energy saving LEDs, making it perfect for front of house display.
The perfect ageing conditions are maintained by the presence of a self-closing glass door, coupled with heavy duty, PVC magnetic balloon gaskets that provide a 100% tight seal. A barrel lock also provides security and reassurance in a front of house setting. The Williams CoolSmart controller ensures energy efficiency and a clear digital display shows the status of the unit at all times.

With the launch of its stylish meat ageing refrigerator, Williams now offers a wide choice of meat ageing products, from compact cabinets to large volume coldrooms, to suit the needs of any business, however big or small.

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