ACP Launches New Menumaster® Steamer Oven (MSO)

May 27, 2014
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ACP, Inc. produces and markets commercial microwave ovens under the Amana® Commercial brand within North America and the Menumaster® Commercial globally. A variety of oven footprints and wattages are available to suit every foodservice need, from small 1000 watt microwaves to the brand new Menumaster® Steamer Oven (MSO) which accepts full size pans, available in both 3500 watts and 2200 watts of microwave power.

Four times faster than a traditional steamer, the Menumaster® Steamer batch cooks and steams using moisture naturally present in food. Eight pounds of frozen vegetables steams in only ten minutes, two pounds of shrimp in two minutes and twenty-five seconds. Featuring a USB port for easy transfer of up to 100 programs and simple ventless operation, the MSO is an ideal replacement for steamers in schools, healthcare facilities, buffets and supermarkets.   

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