Ali Group and Scotsman Ice Systems Announce New Office Space Facility

July 14, 2016

Ali Group and Scotsman Ice Systems today announced that they will be moving their shared headquarters to support growth of the business.

The new office space will be located at 101 Corporate Woods Parkway in Vernon Hills, IL. The move will be effective August 8, 2016.

“Our growth has been very exciting and more space is critical to continue to support that growth,” said Filippo Berti, Chief Executive Officer of Ali Group. “Our new space will reflect our goals of providing continuous innovation and extensive support for our clients. The new state-of-the-art facility will feature a test kitchen, multiple training rooms, a product display room, engineering test labs and even an Italian coffee and gelato bar.”

“Working with Filippo and the Ali Group team, we defined our priorities for our new offices. Discussions were held with our various departments; we had a desire to create open workspaces, creative and collaborative spaces for our design teams. We were able to design meeting/conference spaces and additional amenities that not only our employees will benefit from, but our customers as well. Our design parameters were successfully achieved and we are excited about moving into the new space,” said Kevin Clark, President of Scotsman Ice Systems.

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