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Alicontract presents its new website

October 03, 2014
Innovative Products & Projects, Alicontract

New projects in a new layout

Alicontract has completely re-designed its website, both contents and layout.
The company is part of Ali Group and provides turnkey solutions anywhere in the world, combining project culture, technical competence, knowledge of local laws and regulations and great product know how.

On the website it is possible to see a gallery of projects built throughout the world: Europe, South East Asia, North Africa, and India. The projects range from kitchens in exclusive restaurants, luxury hotels, international airports to mobile units for peace missions for the UN and for international emergencies, or for work sites in the most remote and impervious places in the planet.
Each project shows the client needs, the solutions provided by Alicontract and the innovative products used.

We hope you enjoy browsing through the new website!

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