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March 19, 2015
Innovative Products & Projects, Hiber

Hiber launches The One, an innovative multi-function machine that optimizes work flow and costs.

The One is the latest generation multi-functional machine.
“Businesses today face rising costs for rent. In order to leave the most space for customers, kitchens are becoming smaller and smaller. The One is the answer to this need. It is a revolutionary machine that has 5 functions.”, says Andrea Bottin, Brand Manager for Hiber.

The 5 Functions

The result of the teamwork of a group from Hiber, a pool of chefs and patissiers and Studio Volpi, The One can work for you 24 hours a day to improve the organization of  the kitchen and optimize costs. The One is able to:
– Blast-chill, brings the temperature of food from +90°C to +3°C and maintains products at +3°C
– Blast-freeze, brings the temperature of food from +90°C to -2’°C and maintains products at -20°C
Thawing, in accordance with hygiene and sanitary regulations
Proofing retarder, allows you to set the time and temperature to proof your products
Low-temperature cooking, brings food to a cooking temperature of 80/85°C, without the presence of an operator. Once the cooking cycle is complete, The One allows to you blast-chill and preserve the product.

The One in design

“The One, distinguishes itself for its design,” explains Francesco Costacurta of Studio Volpi, the company that followed the design, planning and communication of The One. Stainless steel elements varnished in black create warmth and the ventilation grilles have been studied to add their own aesthetic importance to the overall design. “To make the machine intuitive and functional, we used images of the foods to be cooked.  We paired colours with simple, flat icons, in keeping with the trend of simplicity”, concludes Costacurta.

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