Autogrill select EsmachLab for Milano Centrale Bistrot

October 30, 2013
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Fresh, high-quality products for the modern traveller. Oven-fresh bread, pizza and brioches all day long.

Bistrot Milano Centrale is the new format by Autogrill inaugurated a few months ago at the Central Station in Milan.

Developed together with the Università degli Studi of Pollenzo, it is not the typical place you would expect in a railway station. Refined and exclusive, decorated with sustainable, environmentally-friendly materials, it is the perfect place for the traveller who loves good food and is interested in the quality of food.

Autogrill selected EsmachLab bread system in order to offer their clients high-quality, fresh products made with mother yeast throughout the day.
“The partnership with Autogrill started when they first came to us with the request to use mother yeast for all their products”, says Luciano Delpozzo, General Manager of Esmach. “When we presented EsmachLab, the management fell in love with the format and decided to install our system in the Milano Centrale Bistrot”.

The innovative breadmaking laboratory by Esmach allows you to reduce preparation time and to make fresh, naturally leavened bread in less than half an hour. All while saving energy and resources.
The laboratory is visible to the client and travellers can watch their bread and pastries being made and baked right before their eyes. Every day over 200 meters of pizza and 120 kgs of bread are baked. Most of the bread is used for making sandwiches on site.

All the area that is needed to host the EsmachLab is 32 m2 for:

– a mother yeast generator
– a spiral mixer
– an intermediate proofer
Paneotrad for cutting and molding
electric oven for baking
– the Masterchef machine, for artisanal gelato but also for fillings, creams and jams.

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