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November 11, 2013
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An innovative format that revolutionizes the job of a baker. Discover the genuine taste of tradition.

EsmachLab was born from a very simple, but brilliant idea, to create a bread and pastry-making laboratory which reduces the preparation time for fresh bread, brioches, pizzas and foccaccia to only 30 minutes, so finally, bakers no longer have to work at night.

With the new EsmachLab format, only 5 machines and 32 square meters are needed to adapt the production of baked goods to different times of the day: from breakfast to lunchtime, from cocktail hour to having a late night pizza. All with natural, mother yeast to offer high quality, fresh products, without preservative or artificial ingredients and at the same time saving energy and resources.

“I developed this idea by analizing the business of the traditional baker and the needs of their clients”, says Luciano Del Pozzo, General Manager of Esmach. “I realized that the products offered on the market did not meet the demands of the modern market. Consumers have changed their liefstyle and their habits and are more aware of what consists of a healthy diet. Moreover, traditional bakers are also in difficulty because their sons are reluctant to work nights and to take on the work of their fathers.”

Esmach re-thought the work flow of bread-making, starting with the technology it already had in house. The Research and Development Department concentrated its efforts on two machines which have become the heart of the EsmachLab format: the mother yeast generator, that creates the flavours of slow-rise natural yeast, and Paneotrad, a new shaper that saves time and allows bakers to spend more time with their families and to sleep nights.

“The first company to believe in this project was Autogrill, that chose to install the EsmachLab in its new concept store, the Bistrot at the Central Station in Milan. With a contemporary look and sustainable furnishings, it offers only food of the highest quality and carefully selected products. The experience Bistrot Centrale allowed us to develop 15 more installations throughout Italy.”

A project that starts with training

Machines are available at the Esmach showroom that let clients try the products and deepen their knowledge of bread culture and healthy nutrition. Aspiring bakers can count on the EsmachLab courses to help them start their activity. Here they may try each individual phase of production and acquire the necessary skills and economics to run a successful business.


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