Belshaw Adamatic Introduces New ‘Insider’ Ventless Donut System

May 29, 2014
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Noticed the buzz around donuts lately? As seen recently at the NRA 2014 show, Belshaw Adamatic has introduced an updated new INSIDER Ventless Donut System to its roster of specialist donut machines. With the Insider, supermarkets, stadiums, malls and other gathering places can put a guaranteed crowd pleaser anywhere they want, even moving it around month by month if they choose to. The ventilation system runs all the fumes through a series of air-cleaning filters, and the fire suppression system is built-in, cutting out a large chunk of operator investment cost from the get-go. Now the Insider has two sizes to accommodate standard and higher production capacity with either of  its Donut Robot® Mark II and Mark V automated donut fryers.

Both Insider models are comprehensively certified to UL197, UL300 and UL710B standards and are certified for safety, sanitation, and fire prevention. Belshaw Adamatic can even put a vehicle-style wrap in advance of shipment, as an extra attention grabber!

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