Belshaw Adamatic Offers 8 New Donut Equipment Videos

June 08, 2015
Innovative Products & Projects, Belshaw Adamatic Bakery Group

8 new donut equipment videos available, grouped together in one location

Belshaw Adamatic has 8 new, well-produced videos of some of our most popular product lines. Prospective customers, dealers, and kitchen consultants/architects can find them all in one location:

Just scroll down the page to see all eight. Videos include:

  • INSIDER Ventless Donut Center
  • Donut Robot® Mark II
  • Donut Robot Mark VI
  • Open Kettle Fryers (including Type B and Type F cake donut depositors)
  • 2 Icers (High Production Icer and Icing Bowl Warmer)
  • EZLift Glazer
  • AutoFiller (Jelly/Creme Injector)
  • Snack Master

The same videos are also included on product pages on this web site. We hope these videos will show it’s possible to make better donuts with a Belshaw!

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