Belshaw brings the donuts

March 20, 2020
Innovative Products & Projects, Belshaw Adamatic Bakery Group

Since opening in Chicago, Illinois, in 2014, Stan’s has become the go-to place for delicious donuts.
“Our yeast-raised donuts are made like artisan bread in the way we mix and ferment the dough,” says Rich Labriola, the man who brought Stan’s to Chicago from its origins in Los Angeles. “It’s not straight mix to machine to fryer. There’s an 18-hour fermentation for our yeastraised donuts, and we have a rich, oldfashioned cake donut.”

The Belshaw Century 300 System is the centerpiece of Stan’s production line.
This fast, efficient system takes up only 10 ft of space and produces up to 3,000 donuts per hour. Stan’s also uses Belshaw’s open kettle fryers and was a test location for Belshaw’s new automated heated bottom icing machine.
“If there was a choice to be made between Belshaw and anybody else, the after-sales alone tips the scales greatly. Belshaw is obviously a leader in this business” Labriola explains.

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