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BIB Reverse comes to the world of soft ice cream and yogurt

September 18, 2014
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ICETEAM 1927 presents the first machines with its brand name

BIB stands for Bag-in-Box and is the new line launched by ICETEAM 1927, the brand that brings together Cattabriga, Coldelite, Ott-freezer e Promag.

The BIB line, designed for the production of soft gelato and frozen yogurt, takes its name from the new innovative supply system. Instead of traditional tanks, bags are used for the mix and they are connected directly to the peristaltic pump which transfers the combination of air and mix through a compression tube which gives the product its final volume.

“The BIB Reverse has display panel and the door for the cabinet on the rear of the machine. It may seem like a small detail, but it gives the customer the possibility to refill and maintain the machine from the back without moving it, leaving the front of the machine clean and free for customers to serve themselves”, says Federico Tassi, Sales Manager of ICETEAM 1927. 

“Self-service is at the forefront of a worldwide food trend and this machine is the perfect solution, especially in the world of soft ice cream and frozen yogurt. This makes the BIB Reverse particularly suited to today’s market. We have several prototypes yet, but we have already sold a lot of machines because it is the perfect solution for the self-serve market, so we have already delivered this product in several different countries,”continues Tassi.

BIB machines are extremely easy to operate and guarantee the highest levels of productivity and hygiene. BIB is also energy-efficient: the pump works only when necessary!

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