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Carpigiani Introduces the Soft & Go Plus model 151

February 28, 2018
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Carpigiani, global leading innovator of frozen dessert equipment, is pleased to introduce the Soft & Go Plus model 151.  This compact, easy to maintain single flavor, countertop pressurized frozen treat machine provides shops, restaurants and coffee bars with limited space, the opportunity to serve customers delicious soft ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt, smoothies and frozen cocktails.

The user friendly 151 Plus has been uniquely designed and integrated into a compact refrigerated cabinet and features an easy-to-use Multilanguage, multifunctional panel that communicates with operators about the mix temperature, consistency and status to ensure consistent smooth and creamy results. A visual alarm alerts users when the machine is low on mix, the cabinet needs to be defrosted, the door is open or when it is in the cleaning mode, making it simple to operate and easy to maintain. The front control display panel also allows the operator to easily adjust overrun for optimum texture, appearance and profitability.

Carpigiani’s Soft & Go Plus is equipped with a peristaltic pump for quickand easy maintenance. For additional operational convenience, this model works with a “bag-in-box” system making it possible to feed the freezing cylinder directly from a liquid product bag or the mix container provided. The machine features a front loading system that allows easy access to replenish the mix. When it is time to clean the machine operator can easily use the cylinder heat function to reduce labor and simplify the process.

The 151 Plus is available in two colors, white or black and is aesthetically customizable allowing users to enhance their premises and create a truly one-of-a-kind machine. The optional Teorema Remote Control provides remote monitoring, programming, communication and E-maintenance. A self-closing device to automatically stop the flow of ice cream, eliminating product waste and reducing spills makes this unit a great choice for self-serve applications.

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