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Carpigiani Works Its Magic With The Magica Soft Serve Machine For IKEA

October 01, 2013
Innovative Products & Projects, Carpigiani

Carpigiani recently introduced the new Magica machine, which is the first automatic self-serve, soft-serve ice cream machine in North America. Supplying IKEA® North America with the new Magica machine, Carpigiani is proud to announce the machine provides IKEA savings by reducing the labor of two employees, extending machine cleaning to once every 14 days and producing profits of $10,000 in just 30 days. IKEA’s high volume locations operate two machines with output on a single machine reaching 1,440 4.5-ounce servings and 36 gallons of mix in a single day during high volume periods. This follows shortly after an IKEA European rollout for 400 of its locations.

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