Champion and Edlund win the prestigious Kitchen Innovations® Award 2015

April 20, 2015
Awards & Recognition, Ali Group

Two American companies from Ali Group stood out for the Jury

Two American Ali Group companies triumphed at the 2015 edition of the prestigious Kitchen Innovations Award; Champion, for its innovative waste treatment system and Edlund for Titan™ Max-Cut. The award, organized by the National Restaurant Association (NRA), identifies the most innovative equipment and technologies that increase productivity and efficiency in the world of foodservice.
The jury, composed of experts in the world of foodservice, chose 23 winning companies in different categories: energy efficiency, reduced water consumption, waste treatment, safety and hygiene, cooking speed and reliability, ergonomics and innovative technology.

Champion won with a new solution for waste treatment. The machine features counter-rotating, slow-speed and low-noise cutters to macerate foodwaste in a grind chamber before heading, via a slightly sloped overhead gravity feed, to a dewatering centrifuge featuring a rapidly rotating screen and screw, this innovative system uses repurposed gray water as its primary water supply, reducing water consumption by 20-30% daily.

Edlund triumphed in its category with the new Titan™ Max-Cut, the all-in-one product to slice, dice core and wedge potatoes hat saves operators space and food prep time by incorporating four prep options into a single manual machine.
Behind this important innovation is the effervescent R&D team of Edlund, composed of engineers that exchange information and opinions with foodservice operators in order to fully understand their needs and develop new products.

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