Climother Esmach on tour!

September 01, 2017
Awards & Recognition, Esmach

SAVE THE DATE: 18 September

More dates at the Esmach High School to discover the Climother mother yeast system.
After the 3 July event, the next date is 18 September when a new course on baking with mother yeast will be held by Stefano Bongiovanni, expert baker very well known in his field. Bongiovanni has worked with Esmach since 2014.

The course will teach you how to get the best out of Climother, the innovative leavening cell which allows to realize products with mother yeast, reducing work times by up to 50% and making the baker’s work easier.
Climother can maintain the leavened product in optimal temperature and moisture conditions for up to 12 hours before placing it in the oven, thus revolutionising the management flow of the bakery. Today bakers can knead the bread in the evening, keep it all night in the Climother and bake it early in the morning.
A considerable advantage for improved quality of life and work!

To take part to the course in Pavia, fill in the form at the link

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