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Coffee meets Iceteam 1927

December 17, 2019
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Founded in 1987, Robert’s Coffee is a Finnish-family run business that offers customers the best and freshest coffee and heart-felt service. After traveling across the US, Robert Paulig decided to introduce the idea of specialist coffee shops in Finland and Sweden. “Coffee has been the passion in my family since 1760, when my great, great grandfather and the mayor of Helsinki Anders Byström, founded one of the first cafés in Helsinki,” says Paulig.

After a trip to Italy, where he studied the art of gelato in 2015, he decided that the time was right to put freshly made, gourmet gelato on the menu.
That’s why he joined forces with Iceteam 1927 – Cattabriga, the machine beloved by the best Italian Gelato Makers. Robert’s Coffee Gelato Factory opened in June 2015 in the heart of Helsinki. It was inspired by the values of traditional Italian artisanal Gelato; high quality, healthy ingredients, freshness.

“The idea is the same as with coffee, to prepare gelato daily using the best quality ingredients available. In this way we can ensure that the gelato we serve is always freshly made and of the highest quality.” The flavor range is wide and local, flavors such as carrot cake, blueberry and cinnamon, cloud berry and salmiakki are among the best sellers alongside the traditional pistacchio and lemon sorbet flavors.

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