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Cold comfort with Stargel 4 from Cattabriga

May 09, 2019
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Federico Tassi, managing director of the Company speaks about the new horizonal batch freezer that brings gelato in new business segments.

Stargel 4 is the newest gelato machine from Cattabriga – part of Iceteam 1927 – which is designed to bring professional countertop gelato machines to non-gelato-focused food businesses such as restaurants, bars, catering companies and hotels.
It combines some of the company’s highest-tech innovations with its smallest footprint yet.

“Stargel 4 is very easy to use,” says Iceteam 1927’s managing director Federico Tassi. A maximum 4kg of liquid mix goes into a horizontal cylinder and 5.5 litres of high quality gelato, the standard industry pan  size, comes out the other end.
The process takes approximately eight minutes. “It’s ideal for users who do not want or need to cook or pasteurize ingredients in their shop,” Tassi explains.

Tassi believes there are two characteristics that make the Stargel 4 stand out from its competitors: its high performance (in other words, its ability to crystallize as much of the water contained in the liquid mix as possible) and its small footprint, a huge selling point for foodservice operators whose primary focus isn’t gelato.
The former is made possible thanks to Iceteam’s patented technology, which allows operators to produce well structured ice cream with a long display life, even in small quantities.

The latter was achieved through a combination of high-tech innovations and common-sense add-ons. “First, it comes in single phase, which means you can plug it in anywhere,” Tassi explains. “Second, the air needed for cooling the unit goes in from the bottom and out from the top, allowing users to place the unit very close to other pieces of equipment without altering the kitchen design.”
“We still have a long way to go when it comes to creating small machines for small spaces and with high performance, but this product is an important step in the right direction”, concludes Tassi.

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