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Comenda and Futurescope: working together for over twenty years

March 15, 2015
Innovative Products & Projects, Ali Comenda

When it comes to clean dishes, Comenda doesn’t fool around at the French amusement park, Futuroscope

The Brief

For almost 15 years, Comenda has supplied over a dozen restaurants at Futuroscope in Poitiers. The latest installations were in 2013 at the themed restaurants, Studio Grill and KaDéliscope. The brief was to provide efficient washing systems for both high-volume restaurants while at the same time reducing water and hydro consumption to a minimum. The washing systems need to keep up with the high demand and turnover of covers and be easy to operate by non-specialized personnel while at the same time supplying the highest standards of efficiency and hygiene.

The Challenge

Studio Grill is a self-service restaurant specializing in entrées, grilled socialites an desserts that attracts an average of 800 clients per day. KaDéliscope serves a similar number of people per day with its buffet and seminars. The sheer quantity of people served and the dishware, cutlery and pots and pans generated, means that what appear to be even a small savings in water or electricity per rack can make a significant difference to the profitability of the restaurant.

The Solution

After an in-depth analysis of work-flow, costs and needs, Comenda chose to install the latest generation of machines: the AC3-25 that have an incredible number of innovative features, one of which is MULTIRINSE®. “The innovative MULTIRINSE technique allows us to limit to the absolute minimum the consumption of water, electricity and detergents; approximately 50% less than normal machines. The results are in the numbers: AC3 uses 102 litres/h which is the equivalent of 0,5 litres of water per rack for the rinse cycle.
As for electricity, using the machine from early morning until late in the afternoon, the power consumption does not surpass 10,72 kWh”, explains Frank Floze, Assistant Director of Hospitality and Catering at Futuroscope.

The features of the AC3 do not stop there. A modular system which may be assembled in a line, corner or double corner , washes over 200 racks/hour, is easy to operate and extremely resistant. The DHM is an additional pre-wash system which substitutes the traditional manual pre-wash. The APWS, or Automatic Proportional Wash System, modulates the flow rate and volume according to the sleeked speed, optimizing consumption and customizing work shifts. The ARC, triple effect dryer has an integrated heat recovery unit which has 3 benefits: the dehumidification of the air in the machine which head the cold water in the machine, the management of the evaporation of hot air from the dishes and the blowing of hot air. By using dehumidified air, the power of the drying tunnel heaters can be reduced.
The Tech Control Panel is equipped with HPS Easy, a simple software system which allows you to monitor consumption without special software as well as ease of operation by non-specialized personnel.


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