Cream and Moffat: serving up happiness

June 27, 2019
Innovative Products & Projects, Moffat

In 2010, California-based family operator CREAM had a simple mission: to provide delicious ice cream sandwiches.
Eight years later and 35 locations strong, Jimmy and Gus Shamieh’s Cream has gone bi-coastal, with stores in California, Nevada, Florida and Colorado and plans for future expansion.
Delivering the on-demand experience for CREAM’S freshly baked cookies, brownies, tacos and waffles is Moffat’s E31D4 convection oven, an all-purpose institution for fast casual and limited service operations. Moffat has been part of the plan since CREAM began its journey and continues to enjoy a front and center presence in all locations across the US. Moffat’s broad offering of programmability and an aesthetically pleasing look, feel and footprint has led CREAM to install two each in every store.

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