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February 13, 2013
Awards & Recognition, Grandimpianti Laundry

DWS, the innovative patent by Grandimpianti ILE, finalist at Green Excellence Awards.

Easy to use, innovative technology and environment-friendly. These are the characteristics that distinguish the Grandimpianti Dynamic Weight System (DWS) and earned it the special attention as a Green Excellence Award finalist by Digrim, Italy’s largest distributor, for innovation and energy efficiency in the Hospitality sector.

The exclusive DWS patent is a system that automatically weighs the exact load in the machine in order to use the least amount of energy, water and detergent necessary, while at the same time guaranteeing optimal results. Thanks to this innovative system, the running costs of the machine can be reduced by up to 30% and save precious resources.
“Whether there is a full or partial load, a professional or non-specialized user, the smart-device DWS will calculate the precise amount of water, detergent and energy needed to do the job quickly, effectively and efficiently, while maintaining the maximum respect for our environment”, says Patricia Terribile, General Manager of Grandimpianti ILE.

The complete line of Grandimpianti products are ideal for hotels, retirement homes, restaurants, clinics, hospitals and community living in general, anywhere where fabrics need to be treated efficiently, economically and professionally.


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