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May 21, 2013
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Twin Star is the new revolutionary dishwasher of DIHR that allows dishes to be washed and stacked vertically, without the use of bulky baskets and many hours of work.
The innovative dishwasher saves large amounts of water, energy and detergents compared to traditional systems, resulting in reduced running costs. The wash cycles can be programmed, allowing the machines to run during the most cost-efficient times.
The heat recovery system installed in the washer reuses the heat produced by the machine to heat cold water. In this way, heat dispersion is minimized and energy savings can be as much as 40%. Thanks to the amazing features and performance, Twin Star was awarded as “innovative product of the year” in the category ” Grande Cuisine”, in the contest organized by Equip’hotel 2012, the Parisian show dedicated to the world of hospitality and catering.

Compact and quiet, Twin Star ensures maximum hygiene

Twin Star requires 65% less space compared to traditional washing systems. It can be placed in any space and its ergonomics greatly simplify loading and unloading. Thanks to the innovative drying system dishes may be used immediately at the end of the cycle, or can be left in the machine as if on a shelf.
Twin Star is much quieter than a traditional dishwasher and is available in two models: a front load and a pass-through, which is embedded in the wall to maintain a distinct separation between two areas. At each phase of the wash cycle, the temperature is easily visible thanks to the new led technology that changes color with each cycle so that it is easy to visually control the machine even from a distance.
The water is changed not only at the end of a cycle, but at the end of each phase of each cycle, to guarantee maximum hygiene.

Twin Star: Easy to Install, Easy to Run

A full optional dishwasher that reduces by 90% the need of personnel to run the machines. In particular, in the version “Twin Star double sides” there are 2 entrances; one on the kitchen side for the waiters to insert dirty dishes directly and the other on the kitchen side for the chef to take dishes ready for use. The simplicity of the machine makes it easy to use and even installation is a breeze. Just attach the water circuit and supply cable and the machine is ready. There is no need for steam hoods, vent piping, floor grids or water treatment systems.
Twin Star combines simplicity and efficiency. All the benefits of a tunnel system combined with those of cycle machines. Compared to traditional dishwashers, to wash 300 plates Twin Star utilizes:

65% less space
90% less work
50% less water
85% less detergente and sparkling aid
40% less electricity

With proper use, the average life cycle of Twin Star is estimated to be from 12 to 15 years, while its entire cost is ammortized in one single year. 

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