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DIHR’s new QX line delivers outstanding performance

March 27, 2020
Innovative Products & Projects, DIHR

For kitchens with heavy workloads, DIHR flight-conveyor dishwashers can provide an ideal solution.
The new QX line features a wide range of models that can also be combined with tray and rack conveyor dishwashers or other accessories in order to increase the number of customized, fully-equipped and cost-effective solutions. The main technical improvements include a fully automatic drain system, grouped wash arms and intermediate S/S surface filters.

With its elegant structure and outstanding performance, the new QX is designed to be an eco-friendly option. Features like the detergent economizer, thermal insulation, CFP system and double reinforced rinse reflect DIHR’s strong commitment to cost-effective green innovations.

There is the option to select from seven models, which maintain some of the distinctive features of the DIHR brand, such as the usable belt width of 710mm, height of 450mm and the compliance with DIN 10510 norms while preserving limited dimensions. The QX belt enables three dishes to be washed per row instead of two, for improved productivity rates higher than 9000 dishes/hour in conformity with washing regulations.


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