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December 02, 2020
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UAB Asgaard Property is a real estate company founded in Vilnius with more than thirty years experience in designing, constructing and investing in modern, multi-use properties including business parks, offices and restaurants.  Their recent collaboration with The Farmers Circle in opening two exciting new restaurant venues lead to some challenging design requirements.

Farmers Circle is a 600 hectare organic farm in the nearby Ukmerge district offering events, conference and experiences has a holistic “farm to fork philosophy” with nature and sustainability as its core values.This was to be sympathetically incorporated into the restaurant concepts – 14 Horses and Nineteen18 in Vilnius Old Town.

The brief

A total of three kitchens were needed in addition to the bar area.  Ground floor prep kitchen, fine dining kitchen serving “14 Horses” on the first floor and finishing kitchen for the “Nineteen18” restaurant located on the second floor.
The limited kitchen spaces with irregular walls and corners required carefully considered, custom-made fabrication.The cooking islands had to include drop-in appliances that exactly met the customer’s needs and requests, in terms of function and position.

The solution

For both restaurants, the customer chose the compact and high performance Ambach System 700 product line, while the suite in the ground floor preparation kitchen was designed with Metos equipment, individually constructed on site due to the difficult stairs and narrow passages. Due to the same restrictions, the Ambach kitchens were also delivered in individual modules and welded on site by ambach technicians.
In addition to the Ambach cooking appliances, Metos supplied combination ovens and salamander grills, along with two cold plates positioned above refrigerated tables.

The design of the kitchen layout began in mid-2019 with supply in May 2020 (works inevitably delayed due to COVID). The complex installation was completed in two months, opening as scheduled in August 2020.

The installation of the equipment was carried out by Metos engineers under the close guidance of the Ambach aftersales team. Training on the correct use of the appliances was also followed by the Metos corporate chef.
The customer was impressed throughout the planning and installation phases of this complex project and totally satisfied with the quality of the end result throughout.

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