EcorNaturaSì chooses Olis for its new retail format

December 17, 2014
Innovative Products & Projects, Olis

The wide range of products and flexibility of design allows the company to grow organically

The Brief

The client, EcorNaturaSì, is a company specialized in the wholesale and retail distribution of organic and biodynamic products. The brief is for a new format that includes a lab to prepare products for the entire EcorNaturaSì chain throughout Italy and a show kitchen for the restaurant in the flagship store in Conegliano, Veneto, Italy. “For this pilot project, we spoke with technicians and chefs to fully understand their needs”, says Thomas Fabris, sales manager for Olis. The brief was for a turnkey solution for a kitchen restaurant of 50 covers. It should also be a support to the bar area and the store itself and be flexible in the amount and types of food that can be prepared and served. With small changes, it should be easy to convert to either a take-away or a self-service restaurant. A separate laboratory was also requested to supply the national chain with different finished products, from breads to pastries.

The Challenge

“This was the first time EcorNaturaSì had done something with so many different functions and they were not sure how their customers would react to it, how many covers they would serve per day and in which format: sit-down, self-serve or take away, so we had to design spaces that were extremely functional and flexible at the same time,” continues Thomas Fabris.
One of the many challenges was to work closely with the furniture builder who encased our machines with wood to match the interior of the store and to make all necessary allowances for the correct maintenance of the products without traditional rear access.
The laboratory for breads, pizzas and pastries had to be able to produce for all EcorNaturSì stores and brands throughout Italy.

The Solution

Olis was the perfect solution. The company is specialized in turnkey solutions and provides all elements of a kitchen; from the cooking block, to chillers and freezers, to ice-making machines, batch freezers, counter tops, ovens and proofers.
“By working extremely closely with the client at all stages of the 6 week project, we were able to anticipate solutions and provide the necessary flexibility for the customer”, explains Thomas Fabris. “Since catering is a priority in their strategic development, it was important to provide a wide range of products that would enable our client to expand and experiment.
The single hygienic top by Olis could be “dressed” in the same wood paneling used throughout the store. Many elements of the 5 meter cooking block were custom designed or modified to allow for maintenance from the front. Once both kitchen and lab were installed, the personnel was trained by the experts from Olis.
“Sharing the same values of quality and reliability made our relationship with EcorNaturaSì very easy. Everything we produce or commission has to be completely reliable, sturdy, easy to use and profitable. The restaurant, which was designed for 50 covers a service, is now able to handle the 150 covers they are now serving with ease. By planning for growth and for change, we were able to provide our client with a flexible profitable solution. The collaboration is an extremely positive one that we hope to continue in the future”, concludes Thomas Fabris.

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