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Electro Freeze® Introduces Sweet Choice™ Featuring Fuzionate™, The First 9-flavor Soft Serve Machine

May 12, 2014
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East Moline, IL May 12, 2014 – Electro Freeze®, a division of H.C. Duke and Son, LLC (Duke), today introduced to the U.S. frozen dessert industry, Sweet Choice™ featuring  Fuzionate™, the first soft serve machine to produce 9 soft serve flavors.  “Typical soft serve freezers dispense one or two flavors,” said Tom Hotard, President. “The Sweet Choice™ freezer featuring Fuzionate™ technology gives customers the ability to choose from nine flavors of frozen dessert from this single machine. The flavors aren’t just tipped on the edges, they are fully incorporated into each cone or dish.” Electro Freeze® will premiere Sweet Choice™ featuring Fuzionate™ at the National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show in Chicago IL, May 17-20, 2014, in booth 4822.

“Product quality and operational efficiency objectives lead our engineering and development process,” continued Hotard. “We want to give operators the technologically advanced equipment necessary to serve customers the best frozen desserts while increasing profits.” Duke developed the first soft serve freezer for Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) in 1946 and has a core understanding of food service establishments’ operational needs for productivity and business growth.

 “Nine flavors of soft serve in a single freezer delivers valuable menu flexibility in a small footprint,” said Penny Klingler, V.P. Sales. “Operators are looking for ways to fit high-profit items into already-full restaurants or stores. And, flavor change outs in Sweet Choice™ are simple, making system-wide QSR menu development for seasonal LTOs and regional flavor variety operationally efficient and profitable.” The high-volume freezer does not require complicated attachments.  “The Sweet Choice™ sleek, modern design looks great in the front of the house or behind the counter,” continued Klingler. “The restaurant crew member or convenience store customer simply walks up to the Sweet Choice™ machine, selects one of eight flavors or vanilla, pulls down the lever and the Fuzionate™ technology dispenses smooth and creamy frozen yogurt, ice cream or gelato with flavor incorporated into every bite.”

The Fuzionate™ technology makes Sweet Choice™ simple to operate and easy to maintain, opening the door for the introduction of soft frozen desserts in establishments like Convenience Stores and other retail locations where sales per square foot are at a premium.  “When we help operators introduce a new product like Sweet Choice™ or new concept like frozen desserts to their business, the Electro Freeze® advantage is our nationwide distributor organization with factory-trained service technicians,” added Klingler. “Our distributors are in customer’s markets to consult with them in planning openings or launches and the service technicians are there to coordinate installations for individual, regional or national roll-outs. To build trust and grow with our customers, we bring new technology to the market and support it with solid after-sales support.”  

Sweet Choice™ featuring Fuzionate™ uses Electro Freeze’s patented mix transfer pressurized system to consistently produce the best frozen product. “Our emphasis has always been on the quality of the dispensed soft serve to the consumer,” stated Kyle Elsom, VP Engineering. “We ground all of our technological advances on the reliable foundation of quality that Electro Freeze® customers depend on us to provide. Solving operator challenges while advancing the customer and consumer experience in the development of Sweet Choice™ with Fuzionate™ technology is the industry leading role Electro Freeze® continues to dominate.”   

About Electro Freeze

Electro Freeze® is a leading manufacturer of frozen treat and frozen beverage equipment. In 1929 Charles Ericson started Electro Freeze® and began manufacturing soft serve ice cream freezers in New York.  H.C. Duke & Son built their first pressurized soft serve freezer for Dairy Queen ® in 1946.  Electro Freeze® was purchased by H.C. Duke & Son in 1969. Over the next several years Electro Freeze® developed many innovations that quickly became industry standards, including:

  • First Soft Server freezer to dispense a “twist” product
  • First “cabinet” style pressurized freezer
  • First slush freezer to use a neutral  base to be mixed with several flavors
  • First mixer developed to blend cookies and candies with soft serve
  • First Peristaltic style pressurized freezer
  • First soft serve frozen dessert smartphone app for product quality management

The full Electro Freeze® line ranges from space-saving counter top models to compact floor units both gravity and pressurized.  Together, they offer the perfect fit for all frozen dessert and frozen beverage needs: soft serve ice cream, yogurt, shakes, frozen custard, slush, frozen cocktails, gelato and Italian Ice. Electro Freeze® prides itself in manufacturing equipment that is dependable, easy to operate and simple to maintain to assist operators in growing profits and serving excellent products to consumers.  H.C. Duke & Son/Electro Freeze® was purchased by the ALI Group in 2003.   For more information please log on to   

About ALI Group

The ALI Group, an Italian corporation founded 50 years ago, is headquartered in Milan, Italy. The company, through its subsidiaries, designs, manufactures markets and services a broad line of commercial and institutional foodservice equipment used by major restaurant and hotel chains, independent restaurants, hospitals, schools, airports, correctional institutions, canteens, etc.

The ALI GROUP operates globally through 76 brands and 8000 employees located in 26 different countries, and, in terms of sales, is one of the world’s two largest groups in this industry. It has 55 manufacturing facilities in 14 countries and sales and service subsidiaries in Europe, North America, Russia, Japan, China, Singapore, the Middle East, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. 

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