Excellence and Energy Saving with Heart Green

February 13, 2013
Innovative Products & Projects, Lainox

The new combined oven by Lainox respects the environment while giving extraordinary results.

Talent is not the only secret to a chef’s success: an oven can make all the difference. Heart Green by Lainox is what it says: the heart of a kitchen, while at the same time saving precious energy and resources. Its innovative, easy-to-use technology, makes it an important ally for any chef.

With its cutting edge technology, it offers an incredible number of advantages that have not been available until now. Ecospeed controls and optimizes the use of energy based on the amount and type of food to be cooked. Ecovapor automatically controls the amount of steam in the cavity, reducing consumption of water and energy. Green Fine Tuning is an innovative system that modulates and controls the burner for energy savings and reduced emissions.
The interface on Heart Green is a simple, intuitive touch screen that will make using it a breeze. Thanks to a wide range of cooking programs to choose from, the sky is the limit: from traditional cooking to vacuum cooking at low temperatures, from proofing to vasocottura (vacuum cooking in glass jars).
The controlled ventilation has six different speeds to choose from so that the oven will be perfect, even for the most delicate foods, such as pastries. In order to obtain the best results possible, there are three different probes: one for the heart of the dish, a multipoint probe suitable for all types of food and a needle probe for testing the temperature of very small items and for vacuum cooking.

Heart Green oven by Lainox is the ideal solution for professional, rapid results and from day one it will bring concrete savings, making your dishes more profitable.

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