F900 Series by Falcon: Setting the Standard For Professional Catering Equipment

November 19, 2015
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New Series sets the standard in high performance, practical, cost-efficient catering equipment

Falcon’s new F900 Series is designed to set the standard in professional catering equipment, by delivering what the market-leading manufacturer describes as ‘the perfect combination of form and function.’  On one level all the products in the range deliver the practical, robust and reliable performance that the industry expects from a Falcon product, on the other the F900 Series features elegant, distinctive styling making it ideal for modern kitchens. 
The F900 Series comprises a comprehensive choice of professional catering equipment, including ranges, boiling tops, griddles, chargrills, fryers, pasta cookers, bratt pans, boiling pans and rise and fall grills.  

“There’s an increasing demand for equipment that not only delivers on performance but is also aesthetically appealing” says Lawrence Hughes, Sales Director at Falcon.  “Key sectors include casual dining, education, hotels and restaurants, where the customer can often see the equipment in action.  Here the need is for quality appliances that can handle the busiest kitchen environments, and that look attractive, but are also cost-efficient.  “We’ve developed the F900 Series with chefs, for chefs, to provide the ideal solution”, adds Hughes.
The hob is the heart of most commercial kitchens, and the F900’s hob typifies this ‘form with function’ design ethos.  Manufactured in 2mm Scotchbrite stainless steel, it is laser-cut to allow edge to edge joining – so it’s robust, looks great and is easy to keep clean.  

Amongst the F900’s innovative technologies is the Dynamic Link System (patent pending). This brand new concept uses a specially developed unique method to create a virtually seamless link between appliances, giving the flexibility of a modular system, with the looks and hygiene benefits of a one-piece island suite – without the price tag associated with one piece tops.  The Dynamic Link System also makes installation easier and faster than conventional linking methods, saving time and money. Sustainability, energy-efficiency and lower running costs are built into the fabric of the F900 Series. This is evident not only through features like the ultra-fast induction hobs and the deep fat fryers’ sophisticated filtration, but also ‘under the skin’ – for example, the ‘from-the-front’ maintenance design ensures servicing is simple and fast.  In addition, the F900 is IPX5-rated for deep-cleaning.  

“The F900 uses intelligent design, proven, industry-leading components and new technologies; collectively they deliver a cooking system that is great to work on, beautiful to look at and that will deliver the long service life Falcon is famous for,” says Lawrence.

The F900 is designed for both the UK and international markets, with features such as the interchangeable jets making it compatible with a variety of gasses and fully export-ready. 
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 The F900 Series will be on show at:
–    Gulfood, Dubai, February 2016
–    Hotelympia, London, February 2016

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