Falcon expands F900 cookline

August 31, 2017
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New sous vide water bath and induction ranges continue development of innovative British series.

Falcon’s F900 series of professional cooking appliances was hailed by the industry for its innovation and flexibility.  Now, the British manufacturer has further expanded the line with the development of two induction ranges and a sous vide water bath. 

As with other F900 appliances, the new models can be linked almost seamlessly into a cookline using the patented Dynamic Link System (DLS).  This allows designers to create a bank of F900 appliances that combines the aesthetics and hygiene benefits of a one-piece suite with the flexibility and lower cost of a multi-appliance cookline. 

The two induction ranges both feature four-zone induction hobs over a powerful, 2/1 GN fan-assisted convection oven.  The difference is in the power of the hobs – the i91104C has four 3.5kW heat zones, while the i91105C’s are each 5kW.  With instant and controllable heat, the energy-efficient induction technology is delivered through large heat zones offering multiple small-pan cooking. 
As you would expect from Falcon, the hobs are built to last – their heavy-duty components offer a 30,000 hours lifespan. The wipe-clean, 6mm toughened glass top undergoes rigorous testing, including the stringent drop-test, which is more thorough than the BS EN standards demand. In addition, the oven’s fan speeds up cooking times, thus reducing energy consumption, and ensures even heating throughout the chamber.   

The excellent eating qualities, increased yield and convenience of sous vide cooking is making it ever more popular.  Falcon’s E9640 sous vide water bath has a capacity of 28 litres, making it very practical and meaning it can be efficiently utilised for anything from small individual portions to big items such as large joints of meat.  The manual fill means there’s no need to connect a water supply.  With a temperature range of from 5 – 95°C, and the ability to slow- or overnight-cook, it can handle a wide range of foods.  Standard features include a timer, a low level sensor and an alarm. 

The F900 series is designed for theatre-style kitchens and its accessories include side hob extensions, kick strips and front hob rails, all enhancing the appearance of the cookline. 
“These three new models combine modern cooking technologies with Falcon’s traditional manufacturing excellence,” says Barry Hill, marketing manager of Falcon.  “We created the F900 series to offer the ultimate in performance, functionality and good looks – and the new appliances exemplify those objectives.”

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