Falcon Fryer Angel™

February 03, 2023
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Making Your Kitchen Safer

Falcon Fryer Angel™ is an integrated system that raises the standards of safety and fire prevention for commercial fryers to a whole new level, making it a must-have for any professional kitchen. 

This system is available on many Falcon single-pan models, including the industry-leading, high-performance 400 Series gas and electric fryers.

How the Fryer Angel™ works?
The integrated system constantly monitors the fryer’s oil level and if the level starts getting low, the sensor sounds an alert. If the level goes below the sensor’s minimum, the system switches off power to the fryer. 
If the fryer is turned on without the minimum level of oil present, the Fryer Angel™ will react instantaneously, not allowing the heating system to operate until oil is returned to a sufficient level.

The Fryer Angel™ prevents fires but it also minimizes fryer downtime by preventing flare-ups that can damage the fryer and lead to engineer callouts or expensive replacement costs.

This safety system is also under patent and it has been validated by KIWA, a world-leading, independent global testing, inspection and certification body.

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