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April 09, 2019
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FICO Eataly World is more than just an amusement park for foodies.
Let’s speak to the team behind the world’s largest agri-food park about its use of Ali Group brands Carpigiani and Esmach.

An amusement park for foodies” is an oft-used definition for FICO Eataly World in Bologna, Italy.
The world’s largest agri-food park has more to offer: a marketplace for fine food, an educational hub, a conference center, and an R&D lab. Or, to use the words of FICO’s general manager Tiziana Primori, “a place where people can think about food.”

Every month, FICO will celebrate a craft, like cheese making, baking, or beekeeping. Around that theme, about fifty courses and thirty events show every day why food is culture and exactly how the agri-food chain operates.

Keeping old crafts alive in today’s world requires technology that respects traditional processes but makes them more efficient.
That’s where Ali Group marks its presence at FICO with its brands Carpigiani, within a traditional gelato shop, and Esmach, within bakery operator Forno Calzolari.

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