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December 16, 2015
Innovative Products & Projects, Burlodge

The New Multigen by Burlodge: stunning looks, high performance and an incredible user experience takes food distribution systems to a whole new level

The new Multigen for food regeneration and distribution is beautiful, sleek and would be an asset in any restaurant, hotel or catered event as well as a sophisticated addition to its more traditional applications in hospitals, clinics, prisons, schools and large institutions. “I could tell by the look on my customer’s faces when they first saw the prototype and its features that we had achieved our goal to produce something revolutionary for this sector,” says Marco Rivola, New Product Development at Burlodge.

Contemporary design and special materials for an improved customer experience

A design studio worked with Burlodge on the choice of materials, line and details of the prototype. RIM (reaction injection molding) was used for the first time for this type of application. The attractive modern choice of black and white is a trend for institutions globally. Black is used for the functional parts of the trolley such as the handles and the heated top, white for the decorative and robust side panels.
The sleek, borderless design of the matte-finish, scratch-proof, heated glass top is both modern and welcoming. Two separate zones and differentiated heat controls guarantee ease of use and impeccable food quality.
“The result is incredible, extraordinary. I can honestly say that this new product is a revolution in terms of design, ergonomics, looks, materials and user interface” continues Rivola.

Ergonomic and flexible to meet your needs

The ergonomics of the new Multigen makes it more comfortable and easy to use. The handles are practical and comfortable, the electrical cable is easy to reach, the scratch-resistant finish is easy to clean. The larger, attractive, slanted sneeze-guard offers increased visibility of the serving surface. The state-of-the-art insulation guarantees improved temperature control, saves energy, reduces condensation and keeps surfaces to a temperature that is safe and comfortable for the operator.

User interface for impeccable food quality and data

“The new stream-lined colour touch display will be a benchmark for Burlodge and the sector. It will be easy to program and user-friendly, because the new Multigen is not only surprising from a design point of view, it also provides new solutions of connectivity and online integration with the world around it. Do not be fooled by its simplicity: it is a sophisticated and innovative product. This revolutionary change of materials and its modern design, it will undoubtedly open new markets,”says Marco Rivola.

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