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December 17, 2015
Innovative Products & Projects, Friulinox

Five functions in one high-performance product by Friulinox to cook, proof, chill, freeze, thaw and conserve

This multi-faceted and hard-working machine is a real ally in your kitchen. “Chefs are looking to their machines to be their partners, something that will help them express their creativity to the fullest without losing sight of the bottom line”, says Gianni Monai, export sales manager of Friulinox.

Quality, creativity and profitability

There is the perfect HI5 for your foodservice business, from fine pastry shops and gelaterias to hotels and high-end restaurants or any place food is prepared. Not only is HI5 a state-of-the-art programmable blast chiller and freezer; it also thaws, cooks and proofs, saving valuable space in your kitchen and time for your staff. “Chefs are able to organize their work in cycles, while at the same time guaranteeing the quality they are known for, reduce waste and increase profitability”, continues Monai. For example, this means that roasts can be prepared for the week and regenerated. This frees the oven for other recipes, allowing the chef to expand his menu and use the kitchen and his staff efficiently. A well-organized kitchen is like clockwork: precise in its movements.

Five functions, one machine

The cooking function cooks food that remains moist, nutritious and flavorful, with almost no weight loss at temperatures that do not exceed 100°C. The complete cycle cooks, blast-chills and conserves foods, freeing precious time for kitchen staff. The proofing-retarder function provides the perfect temperature, time and humidity for your leavened products, thanks to a unique water intake, and maintains them perfectly until ready to bake.
Frozen foods are thawed gently with the maximum respect for food safety and quality. The traditional blast freezing and blast chilling functions safeguard flavor, nutrients, texture, moisture and food safety.
“By using each of the programs and planning the work cycle independently from service, HI5 works for you 24 hours a day”, comments Monai.

Design and technology

The elegant series was designed by Francesco Costacurta of Studio Volpi. “It is important for chefs to be proud of their kitchens. The designer was able to combine aesthetics and functionality and we feel that this really makes the difference”, comments Gianni Monai.
The icons, colorful photographs of food, are a lively contrast with the sleekness of the stainless steel panels and shiny black of the touch panel. It is possible to memorize personalized programs made-to-measure for your recipes or use programs developed by the chefs at Friulinox.

Environmentally friendly

“Friulinox is committed to safeguarding the environment. Our manufacturing site are ISO 14001 approved and our products ISO 9001 rated. We use environmentally friendly refrigerants such as glycol and CO2”, says Monai.

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