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Grandimpianti ILE won the “reddot award”

May 24, 2013
Awards & Recognition, Grandimpianti Laundry

The company won the prestigious award for the design and ergonomics of the new products

Grandimpianti ILE (Intelligent Laundry Equipment) was awarded with the prestigious “reddot award”, in recognition of quality and innovation, in the category “product design 2013“.

The dryer GD was admired for the soft, sinuous lines, the ergonomics, the robustness and the intuitive technology. The product will be on display for a year after winning the award at the reddot design museum in Essen, Germany, the largest exposition of contemporary design in the world.
According to Prof Peter Zec, the creator of the reddot award, the ability to combine professionalism, technology and design is fundamental for the success of a product.

Grandimpianti ILE, with over 40 years of experience treating fabrics professionally, has designed the new range of products with the emphasis on robustness and improved ergonomics for ease of use and to increase the user experience.
GUIDO ® (Graphic User Interface), is an innovative system of control shared by the entire range, which means that numerous machines can be controlled at the same time, adapting to the operator that uses the machines. Setting programs to wash, dry and iron is as easy as the touch of a fingertip.

“The wellbeing of the people who use our products is one of our priorities. That is why there is such an emphasis on design, not only for the aesthetics but for a sense of comfort, ergonomics and usability” affirms Patrizia terribile, General Director of Grandimpianti ILE ” We want to continue to invest in the efficiency of our equipment to guarantee the best results and the most rational use of resources, to reduce consumption and with respect for the environment”.
“A concrete example of this” continues Patrizia,” is the exclusive new patented device DWS, that automatically weighs the load and calculates the necessary energy, water and detergent, solving the problem of partial loads and the subsequent waste of resources.”

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