Invaluable and free: guide to cook-chill systems

April 23, 2013
Innovative Products & Projects, Williams

Williams’ downloadable booklet is ideal for beginners and as a reference tool for operators.

A cook-chill system adds flexibility and profitability to commercial kitchens big and small, while helping maintain food quality. However, many caterers worry that cook-chill is complicated.  Now Williams Refrigeration, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of blast chill and freeze equipment, has produced a Guide to Cook-Chill that tells operators everything they need to know. As well as being ideal for those new to cook-chill, the Guide is an essential reference for anyone managing or operating a cook-chill system. 

“We set out to explain cook-chill as clearly as possible,” says Martin Laws, marketing manager at Williams. “A safe production system is simple to operate if well managed. The Guide shows how it’s done.” 
From graphics explaining the cook-chill process to a glossary of terms, the Williams Guide covers all the basics. It looks at common misconceptions – such as the idea that cook-chill is only suitable for larger catering operations. In fact, the latest compact blast chillers and freezers bring the benefits of cook-chill to bars, restaurants as well as nursing and care homes.

The Guide also features in-depth articles covering how a cook-chill system operates, the advantages of using the system and how to select the right blast chiller or freezer for a specific operation.   
Whilst food safety and quality have to be key reasons for installing a cook-chill system, the Guide also explains the profit potential. In one example, it gives detailed figures showing how a busy restaurant serving 600 meals per week increased profitability by 28% as a result of installing a cook-chill system. 

The Williams Guide to Cook-Chill is published as a 28-page booklet. It is available both in printed format and as a downloadable PDF, from the info centre on the Williams website.

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