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Luxury on red square

March 14, 2016
Innovative Products & Projects, Alicontract

Behind the reconstructed façade of one of Moscow’s famous buildings is a new luxury hotel that brings the Four Seasons experience to the edge of Red Square.


Recognisable to many as the building on the Stolichnaya Vodka label, the hotel was commissioned by Stalin as a statement of Russian culture and opened its doors in 1935. 
Today, the hotel has 180 luxury rooms and suites, five restaurants and lounges. Overlooking Manezhaya Square, and a short walk from St Basil’s Cathedral, Kremlin and the Bolshoi theatre, the hotel is unlike any other in Moscow, not only down to its location but also the high quality of the Four Seasons brand.
Alicontract was responsible for the installation of the state-of-the-art equipment across the hotel’s four kitchens.


The long renovation process and the location of the hotel posed many challenges to engineers and suppliers. It was crucial to have an experienced project manager who could ensure the smooth integration of high end kitchen equipment.

Enrico Giuletti, general manager of Alicontract explains: “We worked with the construction company to deliver the right kitchen in line with the standards required and expected by the operator. There were many challenges in managing the construction but we were always able to adapt and coordinate everyone involved to ensure that everything installed was perfect for the client brief.”

Alicontract had the experience, knowledge and expertise to provide a complete end-to-end solution with just one point of contact for the client. From the start of the journey, with plans on paper, through to the execution and then after-sales support, Alicontract focused maximum effort on ensuring the kitchen was ready for the grand opening.

The kitchen design, created by foodservice consultants Burmistrov and Partners, featured high end equipment from Ali Group brands to enable French chef David Hemmerle to prepare dishes that reflect the Four Seasons brand and the diverse tastes of the guests that include international travellers and Russians.
The core equipment in the four kitchens includes: Friulinox refrigeration and blast chillers, Wexiödisk washing machines (rack conveyor machine, undercounter glass and universal pot washers), Eloma baking ovens, a Caprigiani batch freezer, Williams’ heated banqueting trolley, Scotsman ice makers and Ambach’s one-piece hygienic top cooking suites.

David says: “The equipment helps us to create dishes that reflect the destination and have an authenticity to them.  I am very proud of the Russian menu here combining the contemporary vision of the cuisine along with the well-known classics, but I always look forward to the process of creating something new.”

Mark Wood, Alicontract sales & project manager says: “The reaction from the chef team when the kitchen was completed was a highlight of the project – they were all clearly very impressed. Seeing all the equipment in operation was a very proud moment.”


Following its opening in 2014, the Four Seasons Moscow has become one of the city’s premier hotels and has seen the world’s elite pass through the doors, including three presidential visits.


Max Musto says: “I met Alicontract when I joined the hotel two years ago. We quickly built a healthy relationship based on mutual trust.  They are always just a phone call away and are very receptive to feedback.  They share our values and are flexible in their approach.”

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