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Metro Wins the ABC Supplier of the Year Award – Heavy Equipment

October 19, 2015
Awards & Recognition, Metro

Metro wins the ABC Supplier of the Year Award- Heavy Equipment, two years in a row. The criteria for the winner is based 50% on:

– Volume Growth with ABC 2014 vs. 2013 
– Growth 2014 vs. 2013 with Individual
– Financial performance 2014

The other 50% is based on:

– Product selection
– Customer service 
– Service levels
– Personnel
– Sales and customer support

Metro prides itself on all the criteria used and strives to be the best in each area. In addition to the elements used Metro’s relationships are paramount and are the foundation for Metro’s success. Our relationship with key channel partners has provided the ability to have open and honest conversations with our customers so we know what they want from us and what solutions we can provide them.

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