Moffat partner with McDonald’s

November 27, 2013
Innovative Products & Projects, Moffat

The Australian company has developed a customized oven for McCafé pastries and bakery products.

The collaboration between Moffat and McDonald’s Australia began in 2008, when the company was chosen to develop a custom convection oven for the bakery products of McCafé.
By working side by side with McDonald’s, Moffat gained a comprehensive understanding of menu items and anticipated volumes. This allowed the company to present a tailor-made platform that would offer both consistent results and on-going adaptability.

To meet McDonald’s specific requirements, the Moffat E25 Turbofan convection oven was enhanced with additional features: a touch screen was added to allow for simple, intuitive operation, pre-defined settings were added for consistent results, and a cool-touch door helped with overall safety.
As well as delivering a superior quality patisserie product, the Turbofan oven boasts very low energy consumption – meaning it adheres to Moffat’s global environmental standards. It’s also incredibly reliable in terms of performance, which helps McDonald’s keep their ongoing maintenance and repair costs under control.

Following its successful application here in Australia, the Turbofan oven was then implemented in McCafé throughout Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and most recently, Japan. Moffat partnered with local providers in each country, to ensure they were able to provide relevant and timely implementation, technical support and care.

This exciting project demonstrates Moffat’s collaborative approach, their ongoing investment in research and development, and their preparedness to develop new solutions in order to meet clients’ individual needs.

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