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March 16, 2015
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The New Compact Convection Ovens bring more flexibility and profitability to your businesses

Mono Equipment has recently added a new products to their already extensive range – the new Compact Convection Ovens.
The Compact Oven range is perfectly tailored for the food-2-go, café, bakery and restaurant sectors. More and more people are resorting to food-2-go, café, bakery and restaurant outlets not only for their lunches but also their breakfasts and their on-the-go snacks too. Mono Equipment’s new and exciting range of Compact convection ovens has been specially designed to cater to this booming market. Each of the four high quality ovens in the range has been designed to fit the particular needs of the modern-day food retailer, whether that is a small specialist pavement kiosk, a petrol forecourt shop, an in-store food outlet, a small café or an established restaurant.

Mono’s compact range comprises four superb new ovens offering a choice of footprints, tray sizes and capacities to suit most needs; the ovens are also stackable which means additional baking capacity can easily be added at a later date if required, without taking up additional countertop space.  The Compact 643 and 644 take GN1/1 and 60 x 40 cm tray sizes for extra versatility.
The ovens boast bi-directional fans for uniform heat distribution inside the stainless steel chambers and the double-glazed, easy-clean doors proved superb heat retention and a much-appreciated theatricality.

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