MX Rack Oven by MONO

September 24, 2020
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Guarantees a Consistently Even Bake Every Time

Following on from the success of the MX Rack Oven, MONO has designed a new and improved oven which combines the very best features of the MX Rack Oven but with a smaller footprint.

An Oven Made to Last

The oven is produced in hygienic stainless steel for durability and ease of cleaning and is designed for continuous baking with no waiting time between bakes thanks to a quick recovery time and a fully integrated steam system. The large double-glazed door window maximises the visibility of baking product providing a convenient visual check of the baking process.

Controlled Air Flow

The plentiful supply of steam is generated by the oven itself; removing the need for a conventional boiler and thereby reducing energy consumption. Steam is deposited evenly throughout the baking chamber thanks to the steel bars positioned throughout the height of the oven.

Touch-Screen Controller with Energy Efficient Features

The touch-sensitive screen provides a colourful, user-friendly interface via an icon-driven menu system which provides the baker with a visual update of each stage of the baking process. A total of 240 bake programmes can be stored across 12 Product Categories, with each programme containing up to 6 distinct phases.
The Touch Screen Controller also incorporates a dynamic Diagnostics programme which constantly monitors the oven’s performance and provides a clear visual status of the oven’s major components and functions.

Energy Saving Features

The MX eco-touch Rack Ovens also incorporate an array of innovative features which take consistent quality baking to another level. Each function and enhancement has been approached with energy efficiency firmly in mind.
In addition, the New MX Rack Ovens incorporate energy saving LED lights and are available in either electric or gas.

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