New multifunction cooking systems by Ambach

May 05, 2014
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Easy to use innovation

During the last edition of Internorga at Hamburg, Ambach presented two new innovative cooking systems: IQ850, dedicated to the world of catering and IQ900, designed for large production.

At just 800 mm wide, IQ850 is a compact space-saving system designed for dynamic small spaces with high expectations. Thanks to its linear construction, your operational footprint can be reduced by up to 30% while maintaining the same level of production.

IQ900 is the new powerful multi-functional restaurant cooking system from Ambach designed for all large-scale food production facilities, including production centers, canteens and hospitals. It is ideal for those looking for high production and reduced consumption, who need to manage a large amount of covers in a short space of time, without compromising quality.

Both systems automatically manage the cooking processes of boiling, brazing, frying, steaming, low temperature cooking, including the preparation of roasts and stews. The IQ900 also manages pressure cooking.

As with all other Ambach machines, IQ850 can be well integrated with a one-piece hygienic top and a unique hygienic joining system. The IQ900 can be integrated into a System 900 cook-line with a one-piece hygienic top. 
Also, the Ambach Assisted Cleaning System (AACS) together with a convenient pullout spray hose, enables all cooking surfaces to be cleaned easily and effectively, guaranteeing maximum hygiene levels. 

Custom Technology for your needs

Another strength of these new cooking systems is Ambach technology. Both series have the Ambach Navigator: the new simple and intuitive touch panel. 
With a single touch you can start manual mutiple cooking processes or choose from the pre-set recipes using the easy to follow icons.

In Ambach, technology and ergonomics go hand in hand and is made to ease the work of chefs and kitchen personnel. The touch screen is raised above the surface of the unit and the swivel function makes it easy to control each phase from any angle in the kitchen. 

Energy Saving

The new multifunction systems by Ambach are also energy efficient. The Eco-Mode function allows you to save energy when they are not in use, but quickly  return to operating temperature.
The exclusive Ambach thermoblocks 2.0 reduce energy consumption even more while at the same time, providing uniform heat distribution and perfect cooking results.
High peformance, low consumption, impeccable results.
IQ850 and IQ900 are the ideal solutions for those who are seeking versatility and efficiency, without sacrificing quality or comfort in the kitchen.

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