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On the Crest of a Wave

July 26, 2016
Innovative Products & Projects, Grandimpianti Laundry

Wavy is the latest range of innovative washers and dryers from Grandimpianti ILE. Leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT), the WavyCloud interface is inspired by the smart devices familiar to Millennials

Wavy eases the workload for operators and makes the management of installations a breeze. The availability of six different sizes, from XS to XXL, means there is a perfect Wavy laundry solution for operators, no matter what size your business is.

Laundry at a glance – from anywhere in the world
The real innovation is WavyCloud, a virtual laundry where a customer’s information is stored. Data collection provides all the information the operator needs, including the number of cycles, hours it has been used for, consumption, running costs and software updates. Laundry managers, owners and maintenance staff can remotely monitor the functional parameters of the machine or even a group of machines.
With maintenance requests and diagnostics sent from the Wavy control panel to WavyCloud, it is like having a virtual technician at your disposal 24/7.

Innovation and ergonomic design at your service
The Wavy range is equipped with a 7” intuitive vertical touch screen with easy-to-read icons reminiscent of a smartphone. The multilevel commands make it equally suited to a beginner, a professional or a technician.

“Millennials, the emerging category of consumers and workforce, are always connected and are used to taking advantage of the internet to simplify daily tasks. They are the future operators and this way of communicating and using machines is a natural expectation for them,” says Patrizia Terribile, managing director of Grandimpianti ILE.

A solution for each sector
Wavy and WavyCloud provide effective answers to the specific needs of different sectors. Health institutions and the food and pharmaceutical industries can benefit from the HACCP traceability to guarantee maximum hygiene. The self-service sector can take advantage of all the monitoring and management and control for one or more machines and even one or more laundries. Professional laundries  appreciate Gentlewash, a special program for treating delicate materials or technical fabrics, such as those used by fire brigades. HORECA managers will be able to have more control over laundry costs than ever before.

More time to dedicate to business
The possibility to control machines, consumption and costs from a distance means a rental business model is becoming increasingly common, allowing maximum flexibility for both dealers and owners. The owner always has the latest generation machines and is no longer required to make a large investment. Maintenance, repairs and upgrades are at dealer charge and the customer has  more time to concentrate on the core business. This is an ideal solution for hotels, tourist ports, health centers, campsites and condominiums.

Commitment to the environment
Machines are recyclable up to 96% and construction methods, such as clinching are adopted that are extremely environmentally friendly. As well as having the UNI EN ISO 14001 environmental certification, all efforts are made to source local suppliers and all tests are done with collected rainwater.


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