Onyx Cpc2 – Compact prep station for the compact kitchen

October 04, 2016
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Williams Refrigeration unveils its latest compact prep counter

In a real kitchen, chefs want to be able to access fresh ingredients instantly.  They also need to keep them refrigerated, for food safety.  And in today’s kitchen, the job has to be done in the smallest space.

That’s why Williams has launched a compact version of its market-leading Onyx prep station. Combining a preparation work surface with top-mounted ingredients wells, undercounter storage and Williams’ advanced refrigeration technology, the new Onyx CPC2 delivers a prep solution that’s both practical and energy efficient. It’s ideal for a wide range of food prep including pizza, sandwiches, salads, tapas and desserts.

“We’ve focused R&D across our full range on what we call ‘refrigeration for the real world,’” says Malcolm Harling, Williams sales and marketing director.  “That means developing products that are not only energy efficient, but also answer the precise needs of today’s foodservice operator.  The Onyx CPC2 is a case in point – it uses less energy, it’s reliable, tough, good looking, easy to live and work with, and it’s perfect for the ‘squeezed’ kitchen.”

A critical aspect of prep stations with ingredients wells is maintaining the chill in the pans.  Many models chill from below – but if the pans are open, warm air from the kitchen can compromise food safety.  An alternative is to blow a curtain of cold air across the top of the pans, but in conventional designs this wastes energy.   However, in the Williams system the internal airflow plus the air curtain circulate cold air around the ingredients pan, ensuring absolute temperature control.  The air is then drawn back into the refrigeration system, where it is recycled to save energy.

The tough construction features an easy to clean stainless steel interior and exterior and 75mm polyurethane foam insulation, which has excellent thermal efficiency, with zero ODP and low GWP.  Williams’ CoolSmart controller adapts to changing conditions, such as quiet periods, to minimise energy use and maximise service life.  The Onyx can be connected to a variety of temperature monitoring systems for HACCP compliance.

Practical features include self-closing doors, a night cover for ingredients wells, and barrel locks for security.  Removable racking and shelving, and a removable crumb tray make the Onyx easy to clean. Its high performance refrigeration system means it can operate safely in ambients as high as 43°C.
Customers can customise their Onyx CPC2 with a range of options such as drawers instead of doors, a hinged cover, a choice of worktops including granite and polypropylene, and a stainless steel back.

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