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Organic waste is no longer a problem!

April 02, 2013
Innovative Products & Projects, Rendisk

Flex WasteDispo by Rendisk takes care of organic waste simply, hygienically and economically.

Until now, organic waste management has been a problem and cost in every kitchen. The new Flex WasteDispo by Rendisk offers an innovative solution that improves hygiene while at the same time diminishing running costs. Rendisk has developed a fully integrated system that provides automated and hygienic processing of your food leftovers using a special vacuum system. The Flex WasteDispo includes multiple organic waste stations and a central food waste storage. The hoppers are ergonomically designed and are an integrated part of the dish handling process. They are vacuumed in a pre-defined cycle based on the volume of the waste offered, but this program may be overridden manually for greater flexibility.

Food waste is ground and automatically transported by vacuum in pipes of only 50mm. The reduced diameter of the pipes makes Flex WasteDispo easy to install in pre-existing kitchens and reduces installation costs. Once the waste has been ground, it can be collected in a Dehydrated Waste Storage, or in a storage tank for later removal by truck.
Flex WasteDispo by Rendisk allows you to cut food waste by up to 80%, reducing odors and running costs for leftovers. The system fits easily into any kitchen or dedicated dish washing space and is the ideal solution for hotels, catering facilities, hospitals, cafeterias and restaurants.

While looking after people, Rendisk looks after the environment too. The resultant food waste may be used for biogas or compost, making a significant contribution to protecting our environment and resources.


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