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Organizational Changes at Ice-O-Matic

September 05, 2019

Denver, Colorado (September 5, 2019) – Alex Tappé, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Ice-O-Matic, today announced organizational changes to its sales team that become effective immediately.

Scott Meyer will no longer be the Regional Manager for Colorado. Meyer is moving to the position of Director of Sales. Meyer will continue to manage national accounts development, manage Ice-O-Matic’s global business with Starbucks, and will also be responsible for running Ice-O-Matic’s business in Asia and certain other international markets. Prior to Ice-O-Matic, Meyer served in a key strategic role with the global sales division at Pentair. 

Dolly Fiedelman is moving from Ice-O-Matic’s finance department to the new position of Regional Manager for the lower Midwest markets. Fiedelman will cover Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Memphis, TN markets. Fiedelman will also work with Meyer to continue the development of Ice-O-Matic’s national accounts and chain business.

Brittany Stanley, CFSP, will assume the role of Regional Manager for Colorado. Stanley will work on developing the Ice-O-Matic business in Colorado. Stanley will continue to support Ice-O-Matic’s buying group partners and will also continue managing Ice-O-Matic’s Logistics Partner program.

“These are important strategic moves for the Ice-O-Matic sales team. This will allow for Meyer, Fiedelman, and Stanley to gain great industry experience and develop their careers at Ice-O-Matic,” said Tappé.  

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