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Rancilio presents Classe 20

November 25, 2020
Innovative Products & Projects, Rancilio

High-quality performance, touchscreen interface and advanced diagnostics

Classe 20 raises the status of the category in terms of both performance and functionality and it is available in two versions – Steady Brew (SB) and Advanced Steady Brew (ASB), 2 or 3 groups – with two different systems to control temperature stability, an intelligent interface and an entirely different approach to diagnostics.
A fusion of innovation and tradition, Classe 20 inherits some of the distinctive traits of Rancilio espresso machines like the light along the sides, the satin finish steel and aluminium of the machine body, and at the same time it boasts new features and some solutions that were copied from the Rancilio Specialty RS1.

Classe 20 SB is equipped with the Steady Brew, the Rancilio Lab patented technology that revolutionizes the hydraulic circuit and goes beyond tradition. Steady Brew maintains the water at a constant temperature guaranteeing top of its product category range thermal stability and maximum repeatability at the discharge phase both during peak workload as well as in less busy periods.

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